Romdata AQ provides solutions in the areas of industrial automation, energy distribution and electric motor drives, with over 17 years experience. Our company provides comprehensive services for the implementation of these solutions: designing and documenting automation electrical installations, acquisition, control and data communications systems setup, building industrial control panels, programming and configuration of smart devices, installation and configuration of SCADA software for monitoring, control, recording and reporting.

SCADA Systems

SCADA solutions are an important component of monitoring and control of industrial processes. We use both standard packages from Schneider, Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Azeotech and proprietary software implementations (custom designed) developed over 17 years in this field.

  • real time monitoring
  • events notifications/alarms
  • data recording
  • reporting
  • planning

Electrical Design

We design complete solutions to a wide range of applicability: transport, mining, product quality certification, chemical industry etc. We use computer-aided design (CAD) and electric, electronic or electro-mechanical components agreed by the customer.

  • microprocessor systems (embedded)
  • printed circuit boards (PCB )
  • complex electrical installations
  • management and control systems with programmable controllers (PLC)


Romdata AQ engaged in the production of industrial equipment for measuring, monitoring and control, data communication and electrical drives control.

  • modular and scalable devices for data acquisition
  • radio modems for data communication
  • build control panels and desks
  • control systems for electric motors

Electric Drives

Romdata AQ, in collaboration with partners, deliver and commission static frequency converters for low and medium voltage, soft starters and frequency inverters. Possible applications:

  • variable speed conveyor drives
  • variable speed pump drives
  • variable speed fan drives
  • drive motors for crushers

Medium voltage power stations

We design and build complex power transformer and distribution stations equipped with new generation switchgears with vacuum insulation medium, modular design, advanced digital protection and remote control facilities. Possible applications:

  • primary and secondary medium voltage power distribution for handling currents up to 3000 A and 24 kV maximum voltage
  • medium and low voltage modular transformer stations providing a maximum current of 3000 A for the medium-voltage side and up to 4000 A for the low-voltage distribution side
  • medium and low voltage transformer and distribution stations, self-supporting construction, enabling their displacement in minimum time to locations of interest